About Two Roads Media

Two Roads' origins trace back to early 2000 when professional website designers and die-hard Houston Rockets fans Jeff Balke and David Hardisty formed a grassroots organization dedicated to keeping their beloved basketball team from leaving Houston. The backbone of their campaign was an eye-catching website that served as an information clearinghouse for the media and meeting place for fans.

The initiative, named Save Our Rockets, was wildly successful. So successful in fact, the pair was asked to design the website for the "official" arena campaign that began later that year. After a landslide pro-arena vote in November 2000, the pair decided to make their working relationship official, and Two Roads Media was born.

Since that time, Two Roads Media has worked on dozens of website projects with clients ranging from entertainment to legal, from medical to oil and gas and everywhere in between.

For over ten years, we have prided ourselves on providing the right web solutions for our customers through high-quality work and the highest levels of customer service found in the industry. 

We know that making the right choice in a website design company is as important as making the decision to get on the web in the first place. And we take that challenge seriously. We want to be your choice because the right choice will make all the difference.