Our Process

Our process for website design is tailored to the client’s needs but balanced to meet goals with maximum efficiency. Often, our clients are unfamiliar with the technical aspects of creating a website. We go out of our way to make it as simple and meaningful as possible.

We consider ourselves, at least in part, educators, there to assist our clients in understanding the process and gaining better perspective on what is needed going forward. We not only ask what clients want, but why they want it to help define specific goals and ensure they are met.

To best serve our clients, our process is divided into four areas:

Website Design

Creating a site that looks good is at the core of any good web project. Website designs on the web vary widely from the utilitarian to the dramatic and everywhere in between. We treat each site individually, applying whatever graphic model is most effective for the project.

Most important is matching the individual style of the client with the website. This includes incorporating corporate branding, logos and color schemes and modifying or creating them when necessary. Connecting the visual style of a company's online presence to its offline collateral is necessary for creating a strong brand identity.

We work with our clients to provide what best works for them and their customers.

Web Development

In addition to looking good, a website must work well. Development encompasses the creation of code and, at times, custom applications designed to extend the capabilities of any website to make it easier and more enjoyable to use.

Our approach is to streamline code for optimal viewing of any website design quickly and easily through all browser platforms including mobile and tablets like the iPad.

When the need arises, we can provide content management solutions for our customers from out of the box solutions like Wordpress to complete custom applications built to your specifications.

Copy Writing & Content Management

No matter how great your site looks or how informative it may be, if your clients do not understand your message or cannot navigate easily, it will be ineffective. Creating meaningful content and practical navigation helps to drive site traffic and keeps people on your site once they get there.

Our focus is to align great content with design and development to create concise navigation and a message reflective of our client's brand identity.

Bottom line: creating usable, effective websites for visitors is as important as making them look great and work efficiently.


If there is a gap in the website design and development industry it is customer service. Clients often come to us with stories of former website design companies who promised a lot but did not deliver once they were paid. We consider ourselves an extension of your business and pride ourselves on working hard to maintain a quality web presence. We believe strongly in being trustworthy, committed partners before, during and after your website is up and running.

We provide practical and easily understandable solutions to technical issues and we explain the process so you can make an informed decision. We also provide you with regular maintenance making ourselves available whenever your site needs our attention.


It is our personal commitment to you and your business that sets us apart and it is a matter of personal pride that we deliver on the promise of that commitment.