Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order to drive business, your website must receive visitors. One of the fastest and most effective ways to bring visitors to your website is through the process of search engine optimization (SEO).

Achieving high ranks on search engines like Google can be tricky business. At Two Roads Media, Inc. , our expertise in search engine optimization means more visitors for your site without the hassle of having to deal with this very complex process.

A high search engine ranking can be obtained by catering to all the top search engines. Because each search engine has its own way of indexing websites, we incorporate the following tools and services to optimize your site for search engine placement.

Formatting of Website and Sub Pages:
After conducting a thorough site analysis, we offer general suggestions for modifying site content including the actual text on the pages, which needs to be optimized in order to achieve high rankings.

Development of Meta Tags:
Meta tags are small lines of source code that help to define the website including descriptive keywords and summaries of the individual pages. “Metas” are created through research and analysis including keyword popularity, keyword marketing relevance and keywords used by other businesses in the relevant marketplace. We are then able to generate keywords, titles and descriptions specifically for your website.

Link Popularity:
Your site will be submitted to relevant and industry-specific websites. This includes submissions to databases and websites that correlate to your specific industry. The links that are placed on these sites are important because some search engines view your site as more relevant in your industry based on the related links.

Manual Submissions:
All submissions of to websites are done manually, including the submission of the website to major search engines. We never use automated software because many engines do not accept automated submissions and some may even penalize your site ranking for using automated software submissions. Top Search Engines:

Google, Yahoo Search, AOL, MSN, DMOZ, Alta Vista, Lycos, All the Web

The above search engines are included in all of our submission packages. We also submit to numerous other minor search engines as well because many of these minor search engines power the results of the larger search engines. As a result, many 'pay-for' search engines will most likely list your site for free. These include: Teoma, Mama, Looksmart, Dogpile, Ask Jeeves, Hotbot and more. The minor search engine submissions will also help with your link popularity.

Because of our extensive experience with search engine optimization, we are able to help your website generate the traffic you need to build your business.

We offer a range of packages for search engine optimization based on your needs. Whether you need to compete in your local community or on a global scale, we can provide a solutions that meets both your marketing and budgetary requirements. Please contact us for information and pricing.