Two Roads Media Principals

Jeff Balke - Chief Operations Officer - Founding Partner
Jeff is a born communicator with the ability to turn raw ideas into a clear, cohesive vision. His wide range of abilities – writing, photography and music – allow him to bring a "big picture" mentality to Two Roads. When he’s not in front of a computer, Jeff spends his time blogging about technology, media, sports and weather for the Houston Press and the Houston Chronicle as well as shooting photos and playing music.

David Hardisty - Chief Technical Officer - Founding Partner

Seemingly part-human and part-machine, David has the ability to move effortlessly between technologies with very little learning curve. His formidable skills as a database specialist and web developer provide Two Roads with the ability to offer a broad range of web solutions to clients. David rarely sleeps but instead scans the internet for stories about the Houston Rockets, even in the off season.